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About me

My name is Peter Pavličko and I am from a town called Kežmarok in Slovakia.
I am married and am a father of three children, who are also musically gifted.

Music has been an important part of my life since childhood when I started to play the piano at six years old. I also studied the piano at art school in Spišská Belá.
When I was thirteen years of age, I began to play the organ in church and I loved it so much that I decided to study the organ further at art school.
Subsequent to finishing my studies at High school, I studied at the Catholic University in Ružomberok. My main subjects were music and religion. I attended university singing in a choir names Benedictus. We had regular concerts around Slovakia, plus we recorded a number of CDs.
I finally, and successfully finished University, however I decided to further my organ studies because my teachers, were instrumental in greatly inspiring me to continue playing this royal majestic instrument.

Later on I worked as an organist and chorister in a town called Spišská Belá.
When I later moved to Kežmarok, I became the main organist and chorister in the Basilica of the Holy Cross church.
I love to improvise on the organ and piano. You can hear me playing live through the mass in Kežmarok via radio Lumen.
I compose music for various films, advertising spots, karaoke and piano accompaniment for singers. I currently play the piano in the ‘Grand hotel Praha’ in Tatranská Lomnica and in the ‘Grand hotel Kempinski’ in Štrbské Pleso.
I also cooperate with various musicians such as James Evans, Eva Halčinová, Zuzana Gallyová – Duo Chills, the band ECR Poprad and the band Kollárovci.
I currently work as a teacher at art school in Kežmarok, teaching the organ and the keyboard, and I always try to inspire my students with a love for music and to help them understand the essence and language of music in a more unique way.

At home I have a music studio where I spend a lot of time recording my musical ideas. I am always excited to be constantly learning in the area of recording.
In my recordings, such as karaoke backing tracks, I set out to achieve as close as I can get to the original song, and also to explore more possibilities so that the song will sound it’s very best.
I believe music has to move the soul and touch the heart


backing tracks

piano music

private piano, organ lessons and music theory



  • Dell T3600
  • Win 7 pro
  • Intel Xeon 3,2 GHz, 16gb Ram
  • MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015)
  • 1,6 GHz Intel Core i5
  • 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3


  • KRK rockit 6

Sound cards

  • Tascam US 200
  • Maudio profire 2626

Microphone preamp

  • Tubeart MPC
  • Slúchadlový zosilňovač AUNA


  • KRK KNS 6400
  • AKG K72
  • Superlux HD 668B


  • Shure beta 58
  • Rhode NT1A

Keyboard instruments

  • Maudio code 61
  • Maudio oxygen 49
  • Casio privia 5x-5s
  • Akai LPK 25 wireless
  • Nord Electro 5D 73
  • Yamaha DX 21
  • Pianíno Petrof


  • Cubase pro 8,5
  • Cubase pro 10
  • Mainstage 3
  • IK Multimedia STUDIO 3
  • Steven Slate SSD4, SSD5,5
  • DD33  Air
  • Hybrid Air
  • Mini Grand Air
  • Loom Air
  • Velvet Air
  • Uvi Grand Piano

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